Amadeus Galvorian

Captain Pacifican Shields


Captain Amadeus Galvorian is the Captain of the Fifth Company of the Pacifican Shields Space Marine Chapter. Possessed of a keen mind for tactics, greater strategy and diplomacy he has lead the Fifth Company from victory to victory. Marshaling the varied forces of the Imperial Guard, Imperial Navy, Local PDF, Sisters of Battle and other, more secretive arms of the Adeptus Terra to work together to defeat the enemies of Mankind. Galvorian owes his allegiance to the peoples of The Imperium and through them to the Emperor of Mankind, which has brought him close to conflict with the Inquisition on more than one occasion. Though in the darkness of the forty-first millenium you do not live for over three centuries without having to make hard decisions.

The boy who become Amadeus Galvorian was borne on the fifth planet of the Capua system. Like all the planetoids within the Capua System it was under the auspices of the Pacifican Shields Space Marines. At the age of ten the boy was in the librarium reading at the window overlooking the fields where the older boys were demonstrating their abilities before senior chapter serfs. It was here that a Veteran of the Pacifican Shields, Warrenhof, would sit down next to the boy and ask him if he would like to try out.

The boy, who had been training his mind and body since he entered the schola replied that he would not, he was not old enough and it would be improper to compete with the older children. The Veteran would have none of this and instructed the boy to follow him. Amadeus did as he was told and competed against boys 2 years his senior and passed among the top of the entrants.

During his training Amadeus continued to excel in all aspects, becoming a leader of his training squad despite his lesser age. Eventually graduating to the Fifth Company’s scout squad. During his time in the scouts he aquitted himself with distinction. He again assumed command of his scout squad when their leader was killed during rearguard operations against an Ork waaaagh. The squad’s actions making the Ork’s three day advance take a fortnight, giving imperial defenders ample time to prepare and repel the waaaagh.

Later in his life, now a Veteran Sergeant, fought alongside Inquisitor Garvin. His librarian caught the eye of an Inquisitor Garvin, who became impressed by his awesome psychic potential. Garvin demanded the Librarian serve on his retinue but to save the librarian from having to leave the Chapter, Galvorian offered to serve the Inquisitor’s Ordo personally for a decade. Garvin accepted this compromise and informed Galvorian that he was a freelance Inquisitor, serving all three Ordos.

Galvorian spent the next 30 years working alongside Garvin, a powerful asset in the Inquisitor’s team. In the 30 years together Galvorian was instrumental in smoothing out the hard edges of Garvin, teaching the man a level of compassion that would serve the Inquisitor well later in life.

At the end of his 30 years servitude Galvorian was immediately recalled to the Capua system alongside Inquisitor Garvin and the myriad forces of the Imerpium to defend the home system from an Tyranid invasion of Hive Fleet Leviathan, the likes of which Segmentum Pacificus had not seen before. Battles raged on every world of the Capua system. Fully half the chapter fell in defense of the system, but as the last Tyranid creature was purged from Capuan soil, every world within the system remained in Imperial hands.

In the wake of this devastation, Galvorian was promoted to the vacant position as Fifth Company Captain, where he now serves to this day.

4. Armament
Galvorian wears master crafted artificer power armour of the highest quality. He wears an iron Halo and a combat shield on his left should plate. His chapter colours

He commonly carries a master-crafted combi-bolter with underslung grenade launcher. The launcher has a multi-fire selector which allows him to switch between frag, krak and directional metla charges.

For close combat he is armed with the relic blade . Veneratio, a finely crafted power weapon that can slice through the toughest of hide or armour. In his off hand he wields a gladius short sword. He has perfected this fighting style first introduced by the Ultramarines Evocati of Armatura. His fighting prowess slaying many a warboss, warlord or synapse creature that lead to the breaking of an enemy force.

Amadeus Galvorian

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